Our company shall be the best fine wire producer in Malaysia with minimum productivity of 6,000,000kgs per annum before the year of 2020. We will automat 80% of our manufacturing process and maintaining an ideal green environment quality. We shall continue to develop new wire products and entering to new market along our business operation. We shall comply with the updated quality management systems, environment management systems requirements requested by the customers in time. We shall commit to the social responsibilities by providing helping hand to the needy people and societies in time.


Our company is providing best solution for all wire users by supplying the best quality of wire products to accommodate the users’ machines at all kind of varieties. We shall perform our business values of honest, responsible, effective, specific and understanding in dealing with all customers requirements. Our wire products comply to the updated Quality Requirements requested by customers. Our business values shall be the strongest foundation to our attitudes, methods and results that presented to all customers dealing with us. Our company is leading a clean, fresh and green environment with proper landscaping in the wire industries. We believe the clean and green environment is always the best hospitalities to our visitors. We have the mission since incorporation of our business in November, 1997 and now we become one of the major fine wire suppliers to the applicable industries in more than 14 countries in the world. We shall export the STH & Malaysia wire products to all countries in the world.