STH Wire is certified to the compliance of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

STH-Quality-Control Our Quality and Environmental Policy

1. Quality Commitment

✔ We are committed to produce products with good quality that meets customer requirements. ✔ We strive to meet customer satisfaction in line with the contract as agreed with the customer.

2. Environmental Commitment

✔ We shall maintain and improve environmental through the activities of reduction / recycle / reuse of resource, waste substances and environment-relate substance. ✔ Encourage the usage of Environmental-friendly chemical.

3. Legal and Other Requirements Compliances

✔ We are committed to comply with all applicable Environmental laws, regulation and other requirements as well as customer requirements.

4. Awareness & Communication

✔ Communicate our policy and practices to all employees, suppliers, customers, contractors and interested parties. ✔ Provide the training relevant to Quality and Environmental aspect with applicable impacts from our activities and product to all employees.

5. Continual Improvement

✔ Implement and periodically review our Management System in order to satisfy customer and continual improvement.