STH WIRE INDUSTRY (M) SDN. BHD, is a company established in year 1997 to manufacture industrial use wire especially in custom making stitching wire, book binding wire, redrawn galvanized steel wire (G. I. wire), rewinding annealed wire and trading relevant items.

STH has a good set up of machineries and equipments which providing STH in advantage of special making the wire as specified by the customers with different type of imported machines. STH in certain extend has substituted the imported wire specifications and allow customers to order in planed quantity without hesitation of carrying extra stocks and improved their cash flow.

STH insists in producing good quality products, supplying actual quantity and best customers services to customers all the time. So, different from the rest, STH guarantees on products quantity and quality, even if it is used.

In the 7th year, STH committed to ISO 9001 Quality Management and STH has all the way practicing on its track in general to maintain the constancy and competency of the business in multiple industries and markets.

STH has explored the overseas market with improved products and quality. It has exported the wire to more than 10 countries in the world. Such as, USA, RUSSIA, HONG KONG, BRAZIL, SINGAPORE, THAILAND, DUBAI, LEBANON, FILIPINES, SRI LANKA, INDIA & ext…

STH has no better confidence to maintain good relationship with all customers and committed to manufacture redrawing industrial wire as specified by customers with guarantee on the quality, quantity and service.